Services & Charges

General Consultation – General $800/$600/$500/$350/$300/$200/$100
(Please refer to the price list in the clinics)
Acupuncture $350/ $500 (minimum)
Bone Setting $380/ $600 (minimum)
Skin Treatment $ 380
Chinese Medicine Herbs: $71 per dosage (minimum) /
Granule: $77 per dosage (minimum)
Herbal Medicine Brewing $20 per pack of prescription (minimum 3 packs)
(Pack into 2 bags of herbal soup)
Special Medicine Please refer to the price list in the clinics
Discount on Consultation Fee Please refer to “Members benefit and preferential offer”

Other service:

Additional Acupuncture (each body part), Remedy (each patch), Cupping (each treatment), Additional Tui-Na (each body part),
Needle Tapping (each treatment), Auriculotherapy (each treatment), Moxibushion (each treatment), Cervical traction (each treatment), Scraping (each treatment), Fumigation for eyes by nebulizing of Chinese medicine (each treatment)
$ 100 (minimum)
Lumbar Traction (each body part) $ 200 (minimum)

Effective Date:1 October,2023